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Covenant is the solemn and enduring commitment made between God and human beings to be in a fruitful and creative relationship. This is the big picture of the Bible, the core theme that runs through Scripture. We will be looking at the theme of Covenant during Lent.

In our Hebrew Bible reading this week (Genesis 9:8-17) we read about the first covenant between God and Noah. Well, actually that’s inaccurate. There really is no “between.” Reading these words carefully indicates that Noah doesn’t have any obligations.

Interesting… We’ll have to explore just what that means on Sunday.

Our Gospel reading (Mark 1:9-15) is Mark’s account of Jesus’ baptism and time in the wilderness. Five quick verses. Typical Mark. Trying to get us to the cross as quickly as possible. Of course, it is through the cross that we find how seriously God take’s God’s covenant with creation. Pretty awesome God.

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