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There’s a whole lot of talk about repentance in our readings for this week! Jonah is called to go to the Gentile city of Nineveh and tell them they had better repent. He heads in the opposite direction. Now we have a whole nation and a prophet needing to repent. At the end, even GOD repents (You’ll have to be there Sunday to see why).

Then, following in John’s footsteps, Jesus tells the audience that since the kingdom of God is near (standing right in front of you for crying out loud), everyone should repent (Mark 1:14-20). This repentance isn’t the “Turn or burn” of past evangelists. This call is a true, sincere, recognition of a sinful nature and a desire to turn it around.

All this talk about repentance is difficult and can be painful. Even more painful than the talk, though, is the fact that the next step is to … do something about it.

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