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10:10 AM, Sunday mornings

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*  This Sunday we'll spend quality time with Luke - Dr. Luke, traveling companion and personal physician to the apostle Paul.  Our reading from Luke's gospel, Luke 24:36b-48 is similar to the passage in John's gospel (20:19-23) last week; with Jesus' apostles and others cowering behind locked doors in Jerusalem.  How much evidence do you require to believe in Jesus' resurrection? ...and what's with a post-resurrection body?

Our second reading, Acts 3:12-19 (but you might want to read 1-19), lends itself to the following questions:

When a contractor finishes building a house, who/what gets the praise and credit for a job well done - the hammer.....or the person swinging the hammer?

A physician successfully completes an intricate surgery - does the scalpel get the praise, or the one who masterfully manipulated the scalpel?

These conjectures may sound silly, but they are similar to what Peter is preaching about in Acts.  A man lame from birth is healed "in the name of Jesus", yet the people are lavishing praise and honor for this miracle on Peter and John, the instruments of the healing, not the source.

These passages in Luke and Acts compliment each other in interesting ways, we'll go into more depth on Sunday.   We hope to see many of you in the aud.....or on Zoom (invitation below), 10:15 AM.

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