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A non-denominational place of worship​

Worship Service

10:15 AM, Sunday mornings

300 Gleed Ave, East Aurora

Southside Commerce Center Auditorium

This week's message:

In our worship service this morning, the scripture reading from Matthew included two directives from an angel to Joseph to "Get up..." and go by taking his wife and baby to a safe location in Egypt, away from King Herod's domain, and then back to Nazareth upon Herod's death.  Joseph was obedient.

We have two days, just a little over 48 hours until the new year of 2020 arrives.  Pastor Frank challenged us this morning to spend the next 48 hours considering how, first thing on the morning of January 1, 2020, when we wake up, we will "Get up" and go for God; then to make our "getting up and going for God" the primary part of our daily lives.  How will you, me, us get up and go to praise, witness, serve, and provide help in God's kingdom next year?


Bible Study

Staying in the Word of God

Disciple Studies 

            Group #1 ROC, 730 Olean Rd, Thursday at 7:00pm, contact person - Frank Cerny 474-4194

        Wednesday Men’s Group (Heroes of Faith), Iron Kettle Restaurant, Wednesday 7:00 AM, contact person - Ralph Lowe - 472-2161

        Sunday School Study (Study of Prayer), 300 Gleed Ave,  Time-Sunday  9:00 am, Contact Person-Kipp Milliron 652-9123

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