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Welcome to Pathways

A non-denominational place of worship​

Worship Service On-Line only

10:10 AM, Sunday mornings

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The main point of today's message is - YOU (and me, I, us) have been chosen; you (I, we) have been set apart - so God's glory, character, and presence can be shown through you (us) to other people.  It's up to you and me to respond as we are prompted by God.  And we will be prompted......more so in these challenging days as ever before! Thank you to all of you who are reaching out to others in many different ways.


Bible Study

Staying in the Word of God

Disciple Studies 

            Group #1 ROC, 730 Olean Rd, Thursday at 7:00pm, contact person - Frank Cerny 474-4194

        Wednesday Men’s Group (Heroes of Faith), Iron Kettle Restaurant, Wednesday 7:00 AM, contact person - Ralph Lowe - 472-2161

        Sunday School Study (Study of Prayer), 300 Gleed Ave,  Time-Sunday  9:00 am, Contact Person-Kipp Milliron 652-9123

Church Altar