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In John 17:1-11, Jesus gathers with his disciples on the night we now call Maundy Thursday and teaches them the things he feels they most need to know. Then he lets them hear the prayers he offers to God; a plea for the future of his followers and a claim that just as he and God are one, so can his followers be one.

We cannot all be one—we cannot realize the prayer of Jesus—unless we believe that all people matter equally to God. To do so requires us to shift our motivation from determining what is good for a narrowly defined “us” toward considering all people as part of the “one.”

The irony is that during the pandemic we are hearing many stories about generosity and sacrifice to ensure the well-being of the many. We also have heard stories of absurd selfishness in the name of misguided freedom.

In our reading from Acts 1:6-14, the Disciples observe the ascension of Jesus. As they are gaping, they hear the words, “Why are you looking up to heaven?” As if to say, “Your work is earthly – get to it.”

Join us on this Memorial Sunday (assuming zoom doesn’t crash again) to explore the meaning in this part of God’s word.

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