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This Sunday, we continue to follow the life of King David in 2 Samuel 11:1-15.  "Some may find what you are about to see disturbing" might be the warning I should give you.

David stays home during the "warring season", letting others fight the battles.  He sees Bathsheba and has so little control that he rapes her and when she becomes pregnant, he conspires to ensure that her husband Uriah is killed on the battlefield.  Close your eyes if the details will disturb you.  One author says that this story reveals David as a "schmuck."  More disturbing news.

How are we to deal with this as Scripture?  How are we to deal with this as a pattern that has repeated itself throughout time, including today?

My task on Sunday is to take this story and the Gospel reading from John 6:1-21 and make sense.  In this reading we find Jesus miraculously feeding 5,000 with few resources, and walking on water.  John, however, doesn't call them miracles.  He calls them signs.

Can we find a link between these signs that point to the fact that Jesus is the Son of God?  Can we make coherent sense of any of this?

Right now, it is too early to tell, so you will have to come, or join in, on Sunday at 10:15 to find out.

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