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Christ’s Love in Action

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Watch Sunday Service on line

Pathways will conduct service on-line using Zoom Contact Frank Cerny at 474-4194 to get the access code. There will be no group gathering at the Gleed Ave. location.

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1.        1.  If you are feeling ill or running a fever, please join us via zoom using this link:

2.          2. Any unvaccinated worshippers are asked to wear their face mask at all times.

3.          3. Reserved seating for unvaccinated worshippers has been set up in the coffee area.

4.          4. Our greeter will supply you with individual servings of the communion elements if desired.  All are welcome to participate.

5.          5. Fully vaccinated worshippers are welcome to sit anywhere not reserved and do not need to wear face masks (unless you are more comfortable wearing one).

Thank you for your cooperation during this time and enjoy the service! 

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