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Focus on Missions

Discipling in action

Since 2000, we have wholeheartedly welcomed members of the greater East Aurora community to join us in song, service, worship and prayer at Pathways Christian Fellowship. Come and be a part of this thriving and hope-filled congregation.

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Missions: Welcome
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Serving the world

Missions: Join Us

Upper Caldwell, Liberia


Since 2016 Pastor Frank Cerny and Pastor Gariston Saydee have communicated and developed a warm and brotherly relationship. As Pathways has learned of specific need in the Upper Caldwell community the congregation has supported their efforts in many ways. Computers for the school, support  for teacher’s salaries, charcoal making support, logging support, and recently a feeding program for the students at the school. The children at the school are now provided a meal at school, sometimes being the only meal they get that day. This financial support has allowed the school to increase their enrollment and further the business plan which includes construction of a permanent building for the school.

Operation Christmas Child


This ministry helps spread the word of Christianity internationally. Shoeboxes are filled with small toys, school supplies and clothing as well as a Christian message in the local language. The boxes are delivered all around the world. Barb Lowe has led this ministry for over a decade and Pathways has regularly packed and delivered over 150 boxes each year. For more about the program you can follow this link.

National Missions

Annual February Trip

The Pathways community makes an annual week long commitment to those in need in another area of the United States. From 2006-2012 a team traveled to the Gulf Coast to help rebuild after several hurricane disasters and since 2013 to assist with an orphanage in Georgia. This trip is scheduled during the February school break so local high school students are able to participate.  These students and adults work and grow together in God's purposes.

Missions: About

Local Missions


Prayer Shawls

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Small Construction

Missions: Leadership
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